Thursday, 31 August 2017

Autumn is Coming!

Now, forgive me if this is a little premature but I'm excited and I wanted to let it be known. Tomorrow, 1st September, marks the start of the best time of the year - Autumn - and I wanted to pump everyone up to say goodbye to the British 'summer'.

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I'm sure we all enjoyed our 3 days of blue skies here in the UK, and I hope everyone got their BBQ fix! Although a lil vitamin D is fantastic for the soul, I've been wishing away time and willing Autumn/Winter to arrive since I missed it last year as I was in Australia (boohoo, poor me).

Here's a few good reasons to get all giddy about the upcoming months...

1. Darker nights will soon start to roll in and that can only mean one thing - ambient lighting and candles galore. Cosy nights all start with the perfect mood lighting so settle in, light that cinnamon candle and relax.

2. On the note of settling in, evening TV just got a whole lot better. I loved Love Island as much as the next person, but dark, twisted dramas (Doctor Foster & Liar, I'm looking at you) and trash TV that dreams are made of (I'm a Celeb & Strictly), I'm ready for you.

3. Jumpers, cosy knits and layering!!! Summer clothes are cute for a week, but nothing beats wrapping up warm and pairing your fav jumper with the seasons best-selling ankle boots.

4. Low maintenance life is back. Summer bod? Nah, don't need it. Smooth, glowing legs? Nah, don't need them. Polished and primed toes? No, ta. You do you gurl.

5. Food glorious food. Summer salads and fruit kebabs are lovely, I'm not denying that, but if you think they're better than roast dinners, pies and gravy, then you sir, are wrong.

6. Autumnal colours, need I say anymore.

7. Get your loyalty cards at the ready because spiced drinks are back on the menu - Chai lattes, Pumpkin Spice lattes, Orange Hot Chocolates.. you name it, I'll have it.

8. Halloween and Bonfire Night. Who doesn't love the opportunity to wave a sparkler around, chow down on a toffee apple and "ooh and ahh" to the same fireworks display you've been watching since you were 3.

9. Advent calendars.. apparently my mum doesn't feel the need to buy me one anymore since I'm an 'adult' now. Wrong, I need two. Get in quick before all the good ones go!

10. Festivities are coming! Christmas and New Year mean sparkles, gifting and food for daaaays. Popping up the tree, kitting it out with new baubles and placing perfectly wrapped presents under the tree bring so much happiness, and I cannot wait. Not to mention that there will be a new arrival in my family this year just in time for Christmas! Auntie Darby, do your thang.

Let me know your favourite A/W perks!

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