Thursday, 27 July 2017


This is weird isn't it.. How's best for someone to start a blog? I'm not sure there's a recommended way, so I'll just dive straight in.
Firstly, thanks for dropping by. You've either been directed this way or you're another Darby Shade looking to see how many others there are in the world (I've found 3 so far - so much for originality!).

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In all honesty, I'm not sure how this is going to go. I've tried blogging before throughout University but I let it slip - my bad. I just love reading and learning about other people. I'm not expecting that people will care about my life, but I'd just like to document some thoughts and feelings. I guess it'll be nice to look back on someday. We all used to keep lil diaries as young girls - cringe as they were - but they're definitely a hoot to re-read now we're fully grown ~adults~.

Anyway, I'll probably be writing about my travels (I've had a gap yah don't ya know), music, beauty, fashion, adulting and food!! mmmm food. Perhaps this is a lil *basic* as the kids say these days, but these are life's simple pleasures and ones that we all enjoy.

Thanks again

Much love, darbs xxxx

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